MoboTrex brings the heat and everyone can see the difference.

Incandescent bulbs used on traffic signals until the early 2000s melted any snow and ice and kept the lenses clear. While LED signals provide significant energy savings to traffic operations, snow and ice are now a threat to keeping a clear signal for the motorist. The Eagle Defender, winner of Coolest Thing Made in Illinois in 2021, is an innovative way to “bring the heat,” keeping the signals clear and helping motorists be safe during dangerous winter weather.

The Eagle Defender is a proud product offering of MoboTrex, the mobility and traffic experts.

Eagle Defender Demo

See How Eagle Defender Prevents and melts snow and ice buildup on your LED

Help keep your motorists safe during winter weather with the Eagle Defender. It’s the best-in-class solution to keep snow and ice from building up on the lens and blocking the indication. The video below shows the Eagle Defender in the middle during testing against both an unprotected signal and a wind-based solution.

A solution for a potentially dangerous situation

Driving in snow is difficult enough. Now compound the danger with snow-covered traffic light lenses. The Eagle Defender melts the snow your LED will not. The Eagle Defender Signal Lights Heated Visor is an efficient, simple solution to hazardous driving conditions.

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Eagle Defender

Add Snow Safety to Your Energy Efficiency

  • Melts the snow your LED will not
  • Self-regulating temperature controls
  • Provides heat only when needed
  • Heats up quickly
  • Positive temperature coefficient heating element
  • Ultra-efficient, durable and reliable
  • Available on all Eagle visor styles – poly, aluminum, tunnel, cap, and full circle

Eagle Defender Datasheet Heated Visor Technology

PTC Technology: High Power, Low Temp

The Eagle Defender utilizes an ultra-efficient, positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heating element to keep the visor warm in snow conditions. Within the aerospace industry, PTC heaters are used in seat, wall, and floor applications to keep the cabin warm.